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Royal British Legion Normandy and D-Day Tour 2018

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Day 1 - Afternoon or Evening Ferry from Portsmouth to Caen. Overnight crossing following the journey across Piccadilly Circus to Normandy

Day 2 - Arrive early morning into France and depart West from Ouistreham for a day of riding.  From here we will travel along Panzer Alley and visit the hilltop bunkers laid across the low ridges as we ride towards Bayeux, taking in the beautiful French countryside and some of the best motorcycling roads in Western France. We will visit major cemeteries and locations inland whilst your orient yourself to the Normandy location. We will ride through Carentan and into the Bocage countryside near to St Mere Eglise. We will ride through the countryside taking in the Allied Drop Zones. We finish the day inland at our overnight hotel stop.

Day 3 - Full beach tour. We will ride from our overnight hotel to the Northern beach at Utah and the site of the American landings and French liberation of France. From here we ride to Omaha beach and the museum (we can visit here today or on another day). The story of Bloody Omaha is told on the steps of the hillside breach where the Germans defended whilst being attacked by the American divisions all morning. We visit the Longues-Sur-Mere battery and the location of Ruddock's capture of the Pointe du Hoc gun emplacements. We ride on to Arromanches and the British sector of Gold beach. We ride to Juno and Sword, taking in the countryside and engaging in the history of the landings. Rides inland take us to the cemeteries of the British and Canadian forces and we normally host a poppy laying ceremony if requested. We ride on to Pegasus Bridge and if time permits we can visit the museum here. 

Day 4 - This is a day for riding. We ride west through the bocage country. St Mere Eglise and the American landings. We visit the museum (free time) and ride the landing zones to the sites of the paratroop assaults by the 82nd and 101st Airborne. We enjoy an extended ride around the inland landing zones as this is also excellent motorcycle country and this is a motorcycle tour. Lunch in St Mere Eglise. We then ride south and loop around Caen to the East of the landing zones. We pay a visit to Ranville military cemetery and the graves of the paratroopers from the early morning of 6 June 1944.

Day 5 - Extended museum and inland tour of the American and British breakout from Normandy and thee "end of the beginning" of the liberation of France. This day will include visits to commemoration events and museums depending on local availability. This day is not to be missed.

Day 6 - D-Day Poppy Tour. We will be on the beaches in the early morning. You can attend either Arromanches or Omaha beach from 06:30. From Arromanches, we ride to Omaha beach and a visit to the American cemetery on the hill overlooking the bluffs. We then tour inland and visit the four largest cemeteries in the region and we ride towards the east of Caen finishing up for a late lunch and ferry departure from Ouistreham.